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Today we will talk about printers, what are printers, what is the use of printers and their types, etc. A printer is a device that copies the text and prints it to paper in hard form. How to use a printer? First, connect your printer with your pc, there are two types of printers, some are connected through wire and some have Bluetooth.

The first printer was invented by Goldsmith and inventor Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. The first mechanical printer was designed by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. After a time, there are a lot of changes in the printer to make it better. We can say evolution. Now there are some types of printers which we are going to discuss.

Following are some types of Printers.

  • Business inkjet printers
  • Laser printers
  • LED printers
  • Multifunction printers
  • 3d printers
  • Solid inkjet printers
  • Dot matrix Printers

Business inkjet Printers:

A business inkjet printer outer-lying provides hard copies of text, documents, and photos by spraying droplets of ink on the paper inside the printer.


It prints smoothly with high resolution.

it can easily be tested using the test page of the printer.

It takes no warm-up time and is lower in cost.


These printers are expensive.

These printers have cartridge and cleaning problems.

Lesser Printers:

A laser printer is an advanced type of printer, it is a non-impact printer. It uses a laser beam to copy and print it on the paper. It is mostly used in offices and business work.


They have a great speed of printing.

These printers have perfect text.


They take warmup time

Toner leak is the major problem

LED printers:

LED printers stand for (light emitting diode). These printers are similar to laser printers. They use light-emitting diode arrays instead of laser beams.


It prints high-quality text and docs.

It also has a good speed of printing.


It consumes high energy

Limits of font and font sizes are the problem.

Multifunction Printers:

A multifunction printer is a printer that brings together the functionality of a printer, scanner, and fax. It is very useful for businessmen and office workers. It has three functions and consumes less space.


These printers have better document management.

It reduces office costs.


Less quality as compared to single task performer printer.

You cannot detect issues while using multifunctions.


3d Printers:

A 3d printer is a printer that creates physical objects. It constructs three-dimension CAD models. These printers are mostly used by designers and engineers.


It reduces waste.

It can fast design printing.


3D printers release harmful particles which are not good for humans

The problem of large volume creation.

Solid Inkjet Printer:

Solid inkjet printers are common printers like others, it uses solid ink sticks which makes them different compared to other common printers. It is mostly used in the work of graphics and designing.


They are low in cost

These are capable of printing in vivid color


The major problem of low melting temperatures.

Expensive replacement ink cartridges.

Dot Matrix Printer:

The dot matrix printer is an impact printer. A dot matrix printer is used with the computer, and forms letters and numbers with a series of ink dots. Dot matrix printers produce a lower print quality. It is mostly used in banks and auto-repair shops.


These printers are reliable and durable.

These are low in printing cost.


These printers produce noise.

Not good in printing speed and quality.


A printer is a device that copies visual text and prints it on paper in the form of hardcopy.

Goldsmith and inventor Johannes Gutenberg invented the printer.

In 1968 the first electronic printer was made with the help of the Japanese company Epson.

Laser printers and toner cartridges are expensive.

Following are some types of printers.

  1. Laser printer
  2. Dot matrix printer
  3. Multifunction printer
  4. Inkjet printer
  5. Led printer
  6. Solid inkjet printer

A multifunction printer is the best for office use because it has different functions to perform, scan, fax, and print documents.

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First, connect it through the USB wire and then go to computer settings and connect to pc. Some printers have a Bluetooth function.

Firstly unplug the printer and open it, remove the cartridge and paper after that, clean it with a soft piece of cloth and then fix all the things which you removed before cleaning. Connect it to your pc with a USB wire.

Open the settings on your pc and click on the troubleshooting problem pc will detect the issue and it will work again.