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Continuing to Keep Instagram Safety and Secure

We’re devoted to creating a secure and encouraging environment for every Instagram user. Making ensuring you have a secure password and turning on two-factor authentication are two simple steps you can take to help protect your account. By completing Instagram’s Security Check-Up, you can examine and further secure your account at any time.

We’re thrilled to highlight a few new features that will assist individuals keep their accounts safe and provide them with greater support if they lose account access in addition to these ongoing safety initiatives.

Support for Additional Accounts

We developed, a brand-new, comprehensive resource users can rely on to report and address account access concerns, to support accounts that are having access problems or may have been hacked.

If you’re having trouble logging in to your account, open your desktop or mobile browser and type You can next choose whether you believe your account has been compromised, have forgotten your password, have lost access to two-factor authentication, or have had your account disabled. After that, you can follow a set of instructions to reclaim access to your account. You will be able to select which account needs support if your information is linked to numerous accounts.

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Since we are aware of how frustrating it may be to lose access to your Instagram account, we want to make sure users have a variety of ways to regain access to their accounts.

We began testing a feature earlier this year that allows users to request identification confirmation from friends in order to aid restore access to their account. This feature is now accessible to all Instagram users. You can select two of your Instagram pals to verify your identity if you find yourself locked out of your account and need to log back in.

request help from friends

Maintaining Account Security

In addition to testing new account assistance and recovery procedures, we’re also looking into ways to stop Instagram hacking before it occurs. First, we delete accounts that are determined to be malicious by our automated algorithms, including those that impersonate others in a manner that is against our Community Guidelines. Second, we’re now testing warnings when an account that we suspect may be impersonating someone requests to follow you. This is because bad actors frequently use accounts maliciously over time. We’ll also alert you if an account that might be impersonating a company sends you a Direct Message in the upcoming months (DM).

Finally, additional locations across Instagram are now displaying the blue verified logo for verified accounts. The account you are engaging with can then be instantly verified as being real. Verified blue badges are now visible in Stories, DMs, and shortly, Feed in addition to Profiles.

To learn more about Meta’s latest safety efforts, visit the Meta Newsroom. To learn more about preventing scams on Instagram, visit Instagram’s Help Center.

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