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One of the most potent and successful ways to improve Instagram activity and increase audience engagement is through Instagram Stories. Influencers and well-known bloggers devote a lot of time to planning how to publish their Stories. They are aware that when a user opens Instagram, they are more inclined to browse Stories than to go through the news feed. And that makes sense—it’s like an imitation of real conversation, current information, and information you will always be aware of.

how to repost Instagram Story

How can Stories Help Your Business Development?

Reposting user-generated content (UGC) is what you need to do to increase audience engagement. As long as it fits your profile idea and brand description, you can also use your partners’ and clients’ content (just remember to link back to the original author).

A wonderful strategy to expand your clientele is to repost an individual user’s Instagram Story with your brand description, hashtag, profile, or product mention: On social media, 70% of people make a purchase after reading reviews and content about a brand on other profiles. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity to win your potential customers’ trust.

I used to be confused about how to post an Instagram Story to my Story, but it turns out that it’s simple to accomplish if you know a few tips that I’m going to share with you. So here’s how to repost an Instagram Story.

Important: Bear in mind two things before reposting Instagram Stories from the other acc.

If you were not marked in the Story but happened to come across an intriguing one while reading the Stories stream, request permission from the Story writer before using any of their content in your own. Don’t be afraid to message the author in your direct messages.
Before sharing a Story, tag the author while updating it (if you’ve previously saved the content and are now publishing it).

4 ways of Stories Reposting

Instagram Story repost: from the news feed to your Stories

Everyone has probably experienced the circumstance when they are perusing their newsfeed one day when they suddenly come across a post that is relevant to their profile material and want to include it in a Story. It’s simple!

The “aeroplane” icon is located in the bottom left corner of the magazine.
The “add post to your Story” line may be seen at the very top of the pop-up menu. Hit it.
Add text, captions, stickers, or other elements to the story to change it to match your brand’s colors and aesthetics.
The primary source should be marked with a larger font even though it is automatically included in the story albeit in a tiny font.

repost Instagram Story


How to Reshare an Instagram Story (you've been tagged in)

Have you been mentioned in the stories of a client or conference participant? Before it’s too late (Stories only live for 24 hours), quickly repost an Instagram Story or, more accurately, the user-generated content (UGC) to your Stories. It’s easy because if someone tags you in a story, you will be notified by DM.

How then can you add a story to your own?

Message with the Story you were tagged in should open.
“Add this to your Story” should be chosen.
The Story can be edited to “add some body” using filters or captions.
To complete the story-making process, click “You Story”.


How to Repost Someone's Instagram Story (without tagging your acc)

So what should you do if you want to contribute a Story but haven’t been tagged in it?

It appears challenging or unattainable. No, there is also an escape route here. In this instance, see how to repost a Story on Instagram.

You are free to select the most practical choice from among screen capture, screenshot, and story download via web platforms.

Method 1: screen recording (if the content is video).

Locate the relevant User’s Current Story (but wait before clicking on it);
To begin the screen recording process on your iPhone/Android, locate the “circle” button or a screen recording button and press it;
the Story back and hit it;

After the Story has concluded, press the screen recording button one more to complete the recording;
Add saved video Story from the phone’s library to make your Story;
connect the author of the story (@username), and make any necessary edits;

repost Instagram Stories

Method 2: Screenshot (in case of photo content)

Go to the user’s preferred Story, play it, and press the screen capture button to generate a screenshot; crop the screenshot to acquire just the necessary image; or crop and modify the screenshot from your phone’s library;
go to IG to begin creating your Story; add the screenshot-captured image and make any necessary edits;
When ready to display the story to your audience, hit “You Story” and tag the author of the one you just screened.

Method 3: Save a Story with Web-Based Services

The benefit of this choice is that you can submit a video or photo Story to any device without having to sign up for an account or install any software because they work online. This method of downloading Stories is used by many different platforms, including Instadp Story saver. Using internet tools, you can download other accounts’ Stories and store them in your gallery for later use in your own Stories.

open the service in your browser and enter your username and recipient’s biography;
select a necessary Story and click “Download”;
Find the saved content on your device’s library, add it to a Story, and don’t forget to link to the original location where it was saved. At this point, you can select “Your Story”.

How to repost IG Stories from the archive to profile

Sometimes the Stories are so amazing that you should add them to a feed by downloading them from the Instagram archive!

Open your Instagram profile and select the “hamburger menu”.
Choose “Archive” and the Story you want to “perpetuate” from the list.
Hit the ‘dotted line’ in the lower right corner and choose ‘Share as a post’; finish creating your post by adding captions, hashtags or other IG features.
press the “Share” button.`